International Aerial Yoga Instructor Course And Intensive Training 24th

International Aerial Yoga Instructor Course And Intensive Training 24th

International Aerial Yoga Instructor Course And Intensive Training 24th

“International Aerial Yoga School : World Yoga Alliance

50 hours Instructor Course  & Intensive Aerial Yoga practice.

Learning, understanding, communicate and grow your Aerial yoga business

หลักสูตร คอร์สครูสอนโยคะฟลาย และเทรนชนิดเข้มข้น รุ่นที่ 24 By ครูตู่แฟรี่ Yoga Fly Instructor Course (YFIC) XXIV By Kru TWO Fairy

24th December 14-17 , 2019 at 9am – 6pm.(4 Days)


25th Febuary 8-11 , 2019 at 9am – 6pm. (4 Days)

Location :  Fairysphere Chiangmai 

Reasons to “Training” Aerial Yoga Instructor Course by TWO Fairy Yoga

Guaranteed popularity and quality by 9 courses in a year in both domestic and international.Complete the course in one.

“9 Differences On creativity That’s the most guaranteed. “

1. BRANDING: Know your identityand make your own brand. Under the Principles Marketing4.0 (available for all businesses): Facebook Page, Line-Line @, Youtube, Instagram Consulting. Advise Instructor who want to be a business owners and Freelance Instructor.

2. Join the ONLINE video: Yoga Fly Instructor Course by TWO Fairy Yoga The content is compiled into clear theories, each topic and video training each option all (both in the course. to: “Recall posture after finishing course” (Free for 19,900 baht.)

3. All levels of posture: Basic to Advance (Aerial Asana / Aerial Acupuncture) Graduated in a single course.

4. Is a consolidated program. Practice all levels of posture. Basic-Advance It teaches four different types of Aerial yoga, Aerial Yoga Asana pose, Rhythm of Aerial, Acrobatic Aerial yoga, so do not need to level up one level.

5. Compile all the content and experiencethat will be directly related to teaching Aerial yoga, such as how to train each styles.Techniques to use each type of voice to teach. Techniques to arrange program for needs of the trainees. Classification Techniques.

6. FairySphere Experience in the beautiful Place and Training room.

7. Food & Beverage Buffet, warm welcome with breakfast, lunch with great food. Free Airport Shuttle – Accommodation – Free

8. Capture every moment of your photos as a real-time memorable experience. During practice, there is a specialist photographer realtime updates. Both in promoting tools and being a content on the page or Facebook.

9. Free Aerial Hammock 1 set (7,200 baht), Aerial Yoga book by TWO Fairy Yoga (1,590 baht). And certification

This yoga teacher course is the ideal course.
Teacher TWO guaranteed We will get all this special “ALL in One” course

What students will receive in the course (Online / SVIP)

– Yoga Teacher Certificate (For those who pass the test) or Intensive Aerial Yoga certificate

– 1 set of Aerial Hammock (choose your color) ( 7,200 Baht )

– Yoga book (new edition / additional content) worth 1,590 Baht

– Breakfast / Lunch and buffet Break

– Place to practice

– extra! Video practice (Self study / revise yourself) (19,900 baht for trainers who want to learn through video).

2 parts of YFIC 24th

Part 1 (Online register or VIP)

15-part theory, including online bonus track (VDO).

Theory, Body and Anatomy Organizing the body Based on the principles of ballet.

Teaching Theory / Yoga Trainer Group and Private

Food and nutritionYoga in special children, pregnant women, elderlyIn-depth information on training or yoga,

benefits, management precautions and more.Etc (10 hours full)The ability to use the learner.

Part 2 (Super VIP)

4  Days periods at 9 am – 6 pm Mini Gym Chiangmai (All level: Basic / intermediate / advance)

* SVIP Private coaching on the evening of the 4rd day of training, with in-depth consultations about branding , outstanding and wellknown. Studio / Fitness Consult provides personal consultancy on marketing, studio management.

Registration Form – (2 types)

  1. Online course: (Suitable for who want to practice by yourself)

The principle and practice pose are completely. Do not have to travel, Learning anywhere Repeat several times. Lifelong learning theory and practice.

Price 19,900 Baht (Online secret group facebook)
Special offer : Free Aerial Hammock set (7,200 Baht) and Yoga book by TWO Fairy Yoga book (1,590 Baht).

*after studying online. You can upgrade to the next session. Certificate of Yoga Teacher’s Certificate

     2.  Super VIP Course (Suitable for those who want to be Aerial Yoga Instructor and need PRIVATE COACHING “By teacher and coaching staff will be your personal coaches for achieve your GOALS and how to be a great teacher. Wealthy from your  Aerial Yoga Business “ Regular Price 65,900 (Early Bird Price 59,900 Baht)Special offers video practice To study / revise online course worth 19,900 Baht)

If you have these questions in mind. This course We have the answer for you.

Line : @twofairyyoga  



FB Inbox:  TWO Fairy Yoga
Mobile Phone : +6684-4454191 (Master TWO Fairy)

Location of teaching and learning And travel maps Mini Gym Chiangmai Chiang Mai Location

* Hammock yoga pulse suit valued at 7,200 Baht including

Hammock 1 piece made of special fabric, size 2.8 x 6.4 meters (7 yards) ,2 carabiners and 2 Daisy Chains